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junit listTest syntax

Publié : mar. août 27, 2019 6:17 am
par irae
Can't seem to find the proper syntax for running a junit job using the listTest property.
Job runs fine with "**.*"

If I run the job with operation of list and listTest is set to "**/*"
the testTree produces

but If I run with operation of run and set listTest to "maven.main.bundle:tests.LoginTest" the job generates warnings.

[WARN] Illformated test specification maven.main.bundle:tests.LoginTest . Execution may be hazardous...
[WARN] Adding individual test specification maven.main.bundle:tests.LoginTest was impossible. Discarding it.

It seems to build the project but does not execute the junit test.
The project currently only has one junit test but will eventually have many more.
I would like to limit a job to a subset of tests in the future.