Squash TM Roadmap Update?

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Squash TM Roadmap Update?

Message par PSBarron » jeu. janv. 21, 2016 8:47 pm

We've have been testing Squash TM v1.12.2, and plan on setting up our production environment in the near future. The current roadmap has conflicting information: the graphic at the top of the page shows "2016"; the text describing the version lower on the page reads "Expected release date :Second Half 2015".

Could you please provide an update on when you expect v1.13 to ship. This information might impact our decision on precisely when to stand up our production environment...


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Squash TM Roadmap Update?

Message par gjoseph » ven. févr. 12, 2016 2:32 pm


The 1.13 version went out on january. The 1.14 is due to half 2016.


Squash Team