Custom localization strings

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Custom localization strings

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Good day all,

writing from germany my french is "tres terrible" and my english is just good enough, I hope B) and I am not a programmer.
Bad starting position, I know 8-) and at the top of that I am coming from the php-side as a "hobbyist" whith java-knowledge similar to a brick. :lol:

After all squash-tm (b.t.w. thank you very much for this, as far as I can say, great tool) appears to be somewhat "usefull" for my work in shipbuilding industry. For this I need to customize only the for use case: steel production manual testing and verification fulfilment of requirements of our company's works execution).

After about one month of fiddling with eclipse and .war-files I cannot get a single letter changed.
On the other hand side there's this one folder "/etc/squash-tm/lang" which seems to be reserved for exactly my purpose?
Hours and days of g**gle-ing and searching this forum I found no example what filename would be required in this folder to be recognized by squash-tm AND at least one example of how the content-string has to be.

Squash-tm was set up (again) two days ago on ubuntu 18.04. LTS according point 2.02 of Cahpter A of the installation guide.
Also I am using mysql database. All went flawless and the software is running smooth.

Finally this post rises three questions:
1. What has to be the correct file name in /etc/squash-tm/lang -> to be recognized by the running server?
2. How has the "customization"-string to look in syntax?
3. Do I have to set any "switch" whithin squash-tm to get the /lang-folder to be parsed?

<edit> I tried copying the messages-file from war-archive -> to no avail </edit>

Appreciating any hint I hope someone can give me.
(Best case someone could drive me through the eclipse-setup. But I think that would be over the top. :unsure: )

Stay healthy all together and have a wonderful christmas time :)

Regards from Germany,
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Re: Custom localization strings

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From what I can see there are well more than 300 clicks whithin two weeks.
It appears this topic is some kind of interesting not only to me.

Possibly I could at least get "RTFM"? (worst case :lol: )
Or the info "File name has to be .txt"! (or whatsoever?)

Also, "not yet implemented" would tell me that I don't have to continue bothering you here... B)

Appreciating any hint,

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solved Re: Custom localization strings

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So finally I got it working.

With v2.x the change to JSON-Strings brought me the solution.
Based on the existing guide I startet (again) tinkering the localization.
In my case it is "custom_translation_de.json".

Best hint I can give anyone in this situation.
1. Go to squashtest-tm source folder on
2. Enter 'translations' in the filter
3. Then you may want to find sqtm's integrated language_xx.json files in

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e.g. for my German case.

Now you have all you need.
Take all content of the json-file, copy and paste (replace) with the place-holders in the /conf folder. Et voilá.
It seems to be sensefull to also (and allways) take the english sources with you from the bitbucket source.
By far not all of the strings are translated (yet?) and it's a big ease to find the 'fallback-strings' in the english file.
Then you know where to place it in the translation.
If you use notepad++ -> hit <Alt>+3 to collapse the blocks to the 3rd level which represents the main chapters.

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